Kavian Lazar​​​​​​​

Kavian Lazar (born on  july 17, 2000 Sardasht, West Azerbaijan) is an Iranian Musician (Music Producer and ...) and Actor, who started his professional artistic activity in 2017

As a child, he was very interested in art and music, and this music gave him a sense of calm Kavian Lazar started working as a teenager and started his career after receiving professional training

Finally, in 2017-2018, he immigrated to Venice, Italy to study music professionally and completed his studies there. Kavian was very interested in the acting industry and started acting as a child (from the age of 7), and this led him to move towards it day by day, thus playing a role in many films. He has also worked in music, composing and sounding many films which has played an important role in the success of the films

After reaching high positions in the acting industry, he became a musician with the help of his relatives and the support of famous people in the great world of music. Kavian's main goal was acting, but he also worked a little in the field of music and at the same time he was active in the field of music. After the release of "Noor", he released many works, including The Night, Bitcoin, Nft and Supreme. He has also released an album called Harmony, which includes 13 tracks. All of these music releases are available on all international music platforms

After countless successes in Italy, Kavian has a company and music institute called KL Company, which consists of 31 musicians, musicians and composers, most of whom are world famous and prominent people, and a few months ago, the fifth year of the establishment of his company. They celebrated The institute also has branches in Singapore, India, Turkey and Iran. Kavian is currently active in the field of music as well as in the field of acting and is always trying to pursue his artistic goals